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1835106 - A/C Compressor

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Vendor: CTP
Manufacturer: CTP
SKU: 1835106
Manufacturer: CTP
Compatible with: Caterpillar
The Air Conditioning Compressor?s main function is to compress and pump the refrigerant to the condenser where it will absorb the heat from the system. Compressors are considered to be the heart of the A/C system. Use CTP quality Air Conditioning Compressors to keep your system running at all times.Compressor

Fitment: 953C, 963D, 953D, 963C, 930H, 924H, 938H, 924HZ, 928HZ, 990H, IT38H, 928H, 844H, D8T, D6NXL, D6NLGP, D6KXL, D9T, D5RLGP, D5R2LGP, D5NXL, D11R, D8RLRC, D11T, D11RCD, D5R2XL, D5RXL, D6KLGP, D11TCD, D5NLGP, D5TXL, D8RII

Engine: C15