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1799806 - Hydraulic Filter

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Vendor: CTP
Manufacturer: CTP
SKU: 1799806
Manufacturer: CTP
Compatible with: Caterpillar
Efficiency: Advanced
At CTP we understand that hydraulic filters are a critical component of the hydraulic system. It is essential that they provide the right filtration in order to keep the system cleaned and ensure its efficiency. For this reason we offer quality filters that exceed the highest expectations of performance.

Fitment: M325DMH, W345CMH, M325CMH, M325DLMH, M330DMH, 390FL, 330FL, 320CL, 340D2LOEM, 336DL, 329DL, 329EOEM, 320CS, 328DLCR, 349ELVG, 320D2, 320C, 323DL, 336EH, 325DL, 365CL, 325D, 320DL, 315FLCR, 385CL, 323DLN, 336FOEM, 336DHVGOEM, 349DL, 322CLN, 336D2L, 320D2L, 336EL, 352FVG, 320DGC, 329FL, 320CLRR, 330DL, 336FLN, 330CL, 319CLN, 345BII, 336ELH, 323D2L, 320CLN, 314CLCR, 345C, 349EL, 318C, 324D, 336ELN, 315CL, 345CLVG, 336DLOEM, 365CLOEM, 330COEM, 349E, 323FL, 365BL, 352FXEVG, 330DLOEM, 324EL, 336DLN, 320CU, 314ECR, 330FLN, 374FL, 352FXE, 336FXE, 349D2L, 330D2L, 330FLNOEM, 320D2GC, 340F, 336FL, 323FLN, 330D2LOEM, 349F, 323FOEM, 326D2LOEM, 390FOEM, 340FUHD, 320ELOEM, 340FLRE, 352F, 325B, 315B, 312B, 312BL, 320BL, 345BL, 336F, 321BLCR, 336FLXE, 315BL, 330B, 345B, 330BL, 320B, 325BL, MH3295, 322BL, 336D2LOEM, 349FL, 322B, 324DL, 340FL, 321CLCR, 314ELCR, 325CL, 329D, 335FLCR, 320D, 345DL, 385CFS, 345CLWVG, 365CLFS, 311DLRR, 321DLCR, 345DLVG, 320DLN, 323DSA, 390DL, 365BMH, 336D2XE, 329D2L, 325DMH, 320DLRR, 325DLOEM, 345DOEM, 330DMH, 314CCR, 330CMH, 345CL, 365B, 385BL, 336D2, 385CLVGOEM, 336DOEM, 349D2OEM, 311CU, 324DLN, 374DL, 320EL, 336D, 326FL, 330C, 349D2, 314FCR, 349FLVG, 326D2L, 329EL, 322CL, 325CCR, 345D, 312CL, 340FLLRE, 330CLN, 349FLXE, 345CMH, 322C, 318B, 320FL, 336ELNH, 345BIIL, 390D, 349DLVG, 320E, 311FLRR, 314DLCR, 365BIIL, 323ELN, 385CLMH, 323DS, 349D, 325C, 320ELN, 329ELN, 320DRR, 385B, 324E, 325FLCR, 330FOEM, 312C, 329DLOEM, 340DL, 329D2, 325CLN, 345CVGOEM, 325DLN, 323ESA, 326FLN, 340D2L, 349DOEM, 5090B, 325COEM, 315C, 385C, 349EOEM, 329DLN, 336D2GC, 329E, 314DCR, 336E, 345CLVGOEM, 325CMH, 336FLNXE, 323DLOEM, 352FLRE, 326DL, 318BLN, 324ELN, 330D, 390FMHOEM, 336D2LXE, 352F2VG, 385COEM, 323D, 336FLH, 336EHVGOEM, 324DLNOEM, 365BLU, 330DLN, 365CMH, 326D2, 320ERR, 320ELRR, 323EL, 323DLNOEM, 349EVGOEM, 336EOE