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1752382 - Water Pump

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Vendor: CTP
Manufacturer: CTP
SKU: 1752382
Manufacturer: CTP
Compatible with: Caterpillar
CTP Water Pumps;

1. They are put through a wash process to clean the casting and machining debris to ensure any foreign particles are removed.
2. Come with the CTP Logo casted in the housing for easy recognition and to avoid counterfeiting.
3. Better casting finish of our pumps increases pump performance and durability.
4. All impellers are balanced to improve pump performance and reduce vibration.
5. All internal components are made to specifications to ensure CTP Components fit properly.
6. Come conveniently packed in foam to ensure the preservation of the product through transportation and storage. All pumps and components are properly packed and protected to avoid rusting.
7. Come with a stainless steel shaft to increase the longevity of the pump, while competitors use a carbon steel shaft.


Engine: 3306