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1074600 - Cabin Glass

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Vendor: CTP
Manufacturer: CTP
SKU: 1074600
Manufacturer: CTP
Compatible with: Caterpillar
Location: Rear (Rh)
CTP Cabin Glasses come:
-Individually packed in wooden frames.
-Fastened with carton on the sides.
-Added extra protection to ensure they are not damaged.
-?No Stack√∑ warning cone is added for delivery to ensure the freight forwarder does not put anything on top.

This is the Rear (Rh) glass panel

Fitment: 836G,836H,834G,834H,826G,826H,825G,825H,824G,824H,950G,950H,962G,962H,966G,966H,972G,972H,980G,980H,988G,988H